Self-driving cars and insurance to go hand in hand, says NVIDIA

self-driving cars

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In this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, NVIDIA, known for its graphics processors and the chips for mobiles and tablets, divulged that it’s entering the automotive field. In an interview to, NVIDIA’s Senior Manager of Automotive Technology, David Anderson comments that the business of self-driving cars and insurance will go hand in hand.

Given that self-driving cars of the future will be heavily reliant on armies of sensors, a question arises whether these autonomous cars, that considered totally safe, would require insurance. “There are definitely some interesting paradigms that have to be looked through in terms of the execution of all that… One example to think about is insurance companies are embracing this technology of connected cars through the OBD2 port with customers uploading vehicle data for usage statistics,” says Anderson in the interview.

According to him, the technology adoption may happen more speedily than expected as it will have a few customer-friendly consequences like discounts in premiums charged. The premiums fixed by the insurance carriers for autonomous or semi-autonomous cars will be different. “Last year we talked about the integration of K1 technology into Audi’s Z-Fast programs. That represents the start to semi-autonomous and will lead to fully autonomous driving. The uptick of the technology is happening as we speak and literally everything we’re doing, we’re working with all the major automotive OEMs today engaged at some level or another of developmental research.” he says.

Moves to autonomous cars can be made realistically only after changing the structure and infrastructure as a whole. Regardless of how fast the auto original equipment manufacturer move, it is the legal ramification and the legal liabilities associated with the infrastructure that need to change to accept the technology.

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