Amazon pushes for laws on commercial drone use

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E-commerce giant Amazon said that it is concerned about the delay on regulations that govern unmanned aerial vehicle flying. The Vice-President of Amazon, Paul E. Misener, was addressing a congressional committee, says a report on Business Insurance.

Amazon is planning to launch a service of delivering goods over the air within 30 minutes for packages that weigh less than five pounds.  Misener told a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform that the American Federal Aviation Administration’s restrictions are stifling innovation.

Drones are currently being tested for their use in delivery businesses especially with food ordering and other commercial purposes. However, commercial use of drones is not yet allowed by many governments including the US.

One of the many concerns that experts raise on the issue, is insurance. The question being asked is that who shall be made liable for any untoward incident that could be caused by an unmanned flight to both people and property. This is a much discussed topic along with the insurance or its disruption of driverless cars.

Senior Counsel Harley Geiger of the Washington-based Center for Democracy & Technology too urged the Congress to speed up the process of setting rules for commercial drone use. This, he believes, will prevent cyber security breaches and civil liberty violations.

Yet another concern that was raised in the indecision and confusion over which government authority will create and enforce regulations for unmanned aerial vehicles. The Deputy Administrator of FAA Michael Whitaker said that the they will finalize US commercial drone regulations by next year, if not earlier.

Read the report here.


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