Alerts, data access most critical in a health insurance app – PwC study

The insurance consumers consider ‘Alerts and Reminders’ as the most critical feature of a mobile application of a health insurer, according to a PwC study. The research and consultancy firm recently conducted a survey amongst 1,000 health insurance policyholders to find out what mobile capabilities they needed the most from their carriers.

Graph: Mobile app features desired by health insurance consumers


About 73% the survey respondents replied ‘Alerts and Reminders’ and ‘Access to your personal health record’ as the most important features with ‘Access to specific disease info/products’ and ‘Provider/specialist search’ emerging as the second- and third-most important ones. Incidentally, close to 75% of the respondents from the age-group 25 to 44 were found to be active in using health and wellness apps regularly.

This article published by Insurance & Technology captures key findings of the PwC survey and offers insights into what needs to be done to better understand the insurance consumer’s preferences. As can be seen in the graph above, the report also lists out the capabilities in a mobile app desired by the health insurance consumers.

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