Dashcam footage now accepted insurance disputes in UK

Dashcam footage

Image courtesy: Freeimages/Gail Rau

Many insurance companies in the United Kingdom will now accept footage from a dashboard camera while settling disputes and claims for car insurance. An article on BBC says that few insurance companies however are ready to offer a discount on the premiums for those who use dashcams in their vehicles.

Dashboard cameras are small, forward-facing cameras fit in cars. They will now be one of the modes of collecting witnesses in case of an accident. This would be used alongside independent witness accounts if they differed in consistency. These cameras will help drivers collect as much evidence as possible during a clash over a crash.

Some drivers already use blackboxes that have reduced premiums for its users. Blackboxes record a driver’s speed and also because they encourage road safety. Dashcam users might not be as favoured as blackbox users by insurance companies, especially when it comes to getting a discount on the premium, say experts. This is because insurers will have to write a clause into the terms and conditions to release dashcam footage by its owner, in cases where the driver is implicated for the crash. This is one of the many reasons why insurance companies are yet to completely warm up to the idea of dashcam users being qualified for a discount on the premiums they pay for car insurance.

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