Insurance telematics may force UK drivers to install black box in cars

Insurance telematics or usage based insurance (UBI) is the preferred road by most insurers. Telematics helps insurance carriers to track the activities of car drivers and to judge them based on their their driving style and habits. This information can help insurance companies to judiciously define the premiums that car owners should pay according to their risk profiles. Telematics not only helps protect the interest of the insurance carriers but it also benefits the insureds as good drivers are rewarded with lower premiums.

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Image courtesy: buzzybee/

To facilitate such data capture, in ten years from now, the insureds might be required to either install a black box tracking device to record their activities or pay high premiums. This article published by UK’s Telegraph predicts that such move by insurers might encourage safe driving and in turn bring down the rate of road casualties.

Learn what a black box can do an insured’s premium and other impacts such future move can have at the ground level. Read full story.


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