Shall we now get drone insurance?

Drones insurance

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Drones are yet to take off for commercial usage in a large way. There could be accidents as a result of these and it is only a matter of time before something serious occurs, said a Scottish insurance law expert in an article on The National.

Douglas Keir at Weightmans (Scotland) LLP said that the popularity of drone usage is increasing and hence companies should prepare themselves when something wrong happens. The companies which are starting to use drones are currently preoccupied with developing and using the technology safely and within the confines of the law. A few countries like the UK, allow drones to be used for commercial purposes if they have an approval from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The trend is catching up and there have been funny accidents involving drones where a customer in TGI Fridays in New York was injured by a drone. There are no major accidents and injuries as yet. “It won’t be long before this type of incident turns from a light- hearted ‘and finally’ moment to a serious incident, and all of a sudden small businesses could find themselves thrust into the liability spotlight,” said Weir.

The uses of drones commercially are many and span across industries. Some of the potential uses include farmland management of crops and animals, delivering goods to customers, promotions and advertising, video and photography by media organizations amongst others.

Insurance brokers are still working out the methods to cover their customers against this technology. One way to cover them is to insure them against collision of drones with objects, other piloted aircraft and people. These could come under third-party risks.

To ensure safety, even small businesses which are trying their hand with this technology should cover themselves against first and third party risks too.

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